july 1 Serenity is going to MIAMI!!

My Webseries Serenity's End is part of the Official Selection for the Miami Webfest in October!!

My first adventure in the series-business was a lot of work, no doubt, and we all enjoyed being part of the project. However, when things pay off, the motivation rises infinitely and we get confirmation that we do is worth something. Serenity's End will be screened in Miami from 2nd till 5th of October, you can find the official homepage here: Miami Webfest.

may 19 The Drift

Working on Sci-Fi Feature The Drift as VFX artist and compositor

I spent all of last week working on the Sci-Fi feature film The Drift by Backyard Productions. Exec Bully and Chief Darren Scales invited former vfx artists to work as compositors in their office in beautiful Lincoln. After one week I saw the current edit of what is a massively cool production and I'm very happy to be part of the team as well as being promoted to SENIOR COMPOSITOR!! This is huge and I will travel back and forth quite some time over the next months to help insure we can have the premiere this year!! Here is more information on The Drift.

january 31 Serenity's and The Runner updates

The Runner @ American Online Film Awards and Serenity's Premiere

The Runner has made it into another festival: The American Online Film Awards invited us for the Spring Selection, and we are happy to oblige. Find out more about AOFA here . Furthermore The Runner was nominated for the KU Creative Screen Award at KALSF.

Our Webseries Serenity's End has meanwhile premiered at the Curzon Cinema in Soho, with Episodes 01 and 02. They are online now and free to watch on youtube or here. Episode 03 has come to a wrap as well and is now in post-production.

december 08 Serenity's End Episodes 2 and 3

The shoot on Episode 2 is wrapped, and 3 is partly done

With the first episode finished, Serenity's End has progressed to the next chapter. Episode 2 "Light and Shade" is at its final stage in post. Hopefully we will be able to show it on the 23rd of January in the Curzon Cinema Soho as part of the MA Screening. You can watch the teaser here at Films. As soon as Episode 2 is ready, we will provide an official trailer. Meanwhile you can check out the facebook page here .

september 08 vfx on Serenity's End and teaser

This week we released the teaser trailer of our Webseries Pilot and the VFX have been completed

Serenity's End - Hunting the Light is the pilot episode of the webseries, inspired by Assassin's Creed and many other things. This week we released the first teaser trailer, which you can watch at Films. Furthermore the vfx post-production has come to an end on the actual episode and now only the sound is left before we carry on with shooting episodes 02 and 03. For more information check out the facebook page here .


june 20 the runner at thurrock festival

The Runner will be screened at Thurrock International Film Festival

Our short film The Runner was selected for screening at the Thurrock International Film Festival in London. We are very happy to announce, that we have also been nominated for the Best Student Award! Have a look in Films.



News Archive

june 10 a new member

finally I bought my very own Canon 6D

I am very happy to provide my own equipment now, as with the 6D I have a powerful new friend which will keep me making films for a long time.

may 14 treading the boards

short documentary online

Today our documentary "treading the boards" went online! after months of editing 420GB of footage, we finally achieved a 10 min piece. It follows a young actor on the way to directing his first play. Watch it in Films.

march 30 a declaration of love

In one week's time I will be heading to Venice, Italy for a nice short trip and some film work

Venice is one of the most interesting cities in Europe. It's legacy was threatened over the decades and still is, by nature and humans. I will try to gain material to preserve the Venice that exists today and even catch a glimpse of the Venice of past days. Wish me luck, I will be back with news here!

march 15 news on the dissertation project

Griffin's story is in progress

Today I finished the first draft of the opening sequence of Griffin's adventure.

Within the next months this screenplay will grow to a feature script, of which the opening will be produced as my master dissertation piece. Throughout this process I appreciate every help I can get. The film will include some of the most famous and exotic locations of the City of London and loads of my very own visual effects. Keep coming back for more on this page!

february 17 Crowdfunding Campaign

Our crowdfunding campaign for "Broken Neck Blues"

Today our official online crowdfunding campaign went online and is now accessible on sponsume.com! Please help us raise money for costumes, travel expenses to our location in Plymouth, locations in London and much more! Broken Neck Blues is a short film noir about Trent, a teenage lad who tries to escape the environemt in his hometown. He becomes a regular at the local blues bar and falls madly in love with the singer Cynthia. Unfortunately she is the owner's wife and has evil plans in mind to kill her husband. Soon to see in Films.

february 17 Documentary started!

Actor Dominic Danson's directing debut of "Inside my Head"

Clapham Manor Street, a small pub in the middle of a quiet neighbourhood. Once one enters, there is a stage to the right, a theatre room upstairs and behind the long oldfashioned bar our crew finds itself with 3 young actors. They have just met, 15 minutes ago and share an ambitious outlook: the premiere of "Inside my Head" on friday night. Our crew will follow them over the next couple of days through the different stages of rehearsing and will have a close look on Dominic's skills as a director. We wish him best luck for now, you will see the final result soon in Films.

february 11 Dissertation

Project work started on my final dissertation film

"nothing is true, everything is permitted" - these are famous words of Assassin's Creed, the probably most famous game from developer Ubisoft. In fact, the game series are a huge inspiration to my final piece, a fast-paced story evolving around an assassin named Griffin in a post modern London 2028. Keep tracking my progress as I work towards our final screening in Curzon Soho Cinema next January.

january 16 Entries for British Film Festivals

I can prouldy announce the first time entry to the British Film Festival of The Runner, as well as Face of Guilt as first time entry to the British Horror Film Festival.

decembre 13 Youtube Release of The Runner

My latest short film production is now released on YouTube!